The Anti-Planner: Digital Download Bundle (30 PDFs)

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30 helpful PDF exercises in one sweet download!
Some of the PDFs included are:
– Procrastination Blackjack
– How to Half-Ass It
– Task Breakdown
– …and 27 more!

These PDFs download as a zip file of individual pages for easy navigation. If you select the “clean” version the PDFs will be profanity-free.

*Note: if you purchase the book before December 1st, 2023, these PDF pages are emailed to you. Make sure to check your updates or spam folders.

*Another note: if you pre-ordered either of the book editions, these PDFs are the same ones you were sent each week, so you already have access to them (search your emails for anti-planner @!)

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17 reviews for The Anti-Planner: Digital Download Bundle (30 PDFs)

  1. Myles

    Great stuff. Really useful for me!

  2. Fey

    I am a therapist for adults with ADHD & high-masking Autism. This book & worksheets have been an amazing addition to my toolbox to help clients address their executive dysfunctions. 5/5 stars.

  3. Ivonne

    I have the hard copy and loved it!!! I love the colors and drawings. Dani is a very talented woman. Thank you for all your love and time dedicated to this project.

  4. Shez Fordham

    This is the best resource for providing strategies in a fun and flexible way. The ability to jump in at any point and access bite sized information makes it the perfect desk companion for a quick reference.
    I love the access to digital pages too – no pens to worry about just write on the pdf on my iPad and delete the notes when I’m done to reuse the template later.
    The layout, colour and comics make it fun and engaging while the strategies are helpful and there’s plenty of choice to try different if the first one isn’t helpful.
    I’m recommending to friends and therapists far and wide.
    Thanks Dani!

  5. Connie Schaffer

    Really like this – ordered it for work. Gave it away, and am now ordering a second copy.

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